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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Not all CGI variables show up using CFDUMP

CGI variables must be something special - it is not possible to show all cgi variables when doing a cfdump. I just came across this bug when trying to use a custom #404 page where apache provides the original page URL in the CGI variable REDIRECT_URL.
I am just using CGI.REDIRECT_URL now and it works.
The interesting thing is that StructKeyExists(CGI, blabla) does not work at all - the check will always return true.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

VARing cffile and the result variable

I am using cffile to upload incoming files and of course in my component I "var" the cffile variable at the top of the function (like one should do with cfhttp etc):

The problem is that somehow the cffile scope will stay zero - until I added the property "result" to the cffile tag saying the result should be stored as "cffile" - so the whole call is:

Now it works again!