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Monday, 22 October 2007

Mach-II Framework 1.5 has been released

A new version (1.5) of the great open source MVC framework Mach-II has been released for production use. The most important change for me in this release is the introduction of XML includes, so that the main configuration - XML will stay clean.
To be honest, the learing curve of this framework was quite high for me in the beginning but now I don't want to miss the system any more.
One important note: Never put the business logic in the model components. I made this mistake in the beginning because it looked so damn easy but now I have created a sub directory named "cfc" and in this directory all the business logic is done.
So the perfect combination for me at the moment for a new project is:
The perfect team for the next cool Web 2.0 application ;-)

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