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Thursday, 20 March 2008

MD5 Hash values: Be aware of uppercase/lowercase

These days I had to deal with a web service which needs a parameter as MD5 hash. I played around with for some time but authentification always failed, I did everything according to the documentation, however. Then I found out that the other service is checking the hash value case-sensitive, so I had to add a lcase to the string.
Some further research shows that almost every other service I know produces lowercase only hash values, ColdFusion produces uppercase values. Be aware of that! ;-)


Dulan said...

can u set what kind of a hash is this $1$zz$lVGU9jS6ps1uwCBiYKqDp. and how to crack it.

Jimmy Jarred said...

Yes a small change will totally affect the result of this algorithm. Do you know if this scheme can be cracked easily ? If yes then please do share How ?
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