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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Railo - important path placeholders

I'm playing around with railo, a full featured alternative CFML engine and so far, I'm very impressed. During testing my existing applications with this new environment I had to add some custom mappings in the administration (by the way, there are two admin engines, the first one is server-wide, the second one just for the current webroot).

When creating these custom mappings, there are some very interesting path placeholders you can use:
{railo-web}: path to the railo web directory typical "{web-root}/WEB-INF/railo"
{railo-server}: path to the railo server directory typical where the railo.jar is located
{temp-directory}: path to the temp directory of the current user of the system
{home-directory}: path to the home directory of the current user of the system
{web-root-directory}: path to the web root
{system-directory}: path to thesystem directory

This way you can create mappings without using the full path to the directory - very cool!


Sebastiaan en Jonathan said...


Trying to make a mapping in Railo with Jetty, but to no avail. The mapping is /nl and the resource (trusted or not) I path to c:\railo\webroot\nl - But Railo keeps nagging me that it cannot find the components (invalid component definition, can't find nl.onlinebase.validation.validationBean). What am I doing wrong? Googling doesn't provide any answers either and the Wiki isn't clear at all. This blogpost was promising but all options tried I'm still no further...

Sonicstate said...

I'm having the same problems did you ever find a solutions

Sebastiaan en Jonathan said...


I cannot remember exactly what I did, but after a restart of Railo thingz started working for me.

My current mapping in the SERVER and WEB admin is as follows:

virtual: /mappingname
resource: {web-root-directory}/cfcfoldername/mappingname
primary: resource
trusted: checked

Note that the angle-brackets { } and what's inside of them is RAILO-custom - a sort of inbuilt shorthand notation of standard paths to places in the RAILO-server.

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