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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Using the H2 database in ColdFusion

Railo is delivered with an embedded database called H2. The description on the homepage says:

Welcome to H2, the Java SQL database. The main feature of H2 are:

* Very fast, open source, JDBC API
* Embedded and server modes; in-memory databases
* Browser based Console application
* Small footprint: around 1 MB jar file size

Such a database fit's perfectly for a current task at tunesBag - the streaming servers should store some data on their own machines and mysql or postgresql just would be overkill for this task. So I decided to give H2 a look and it looks pretty nice.

On my local machine I'm working with ColdFusion 8 as well - the configuration to add H2 support for CF is very easy, just follow the following steps:

  • Download the latest version of H2
  • Drop the h2*.jar file in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your ColdFusion server (directory depends on your type of setup)
  • Restart CF
  • Add a new datasource
  • JDBC URL = jdbc:h2:file:%Path to Database file on your disk%
  • Driver Class = org.h2.Driver
  • Driver name = default
  • User name = sa

That's it - the files holding the data will be created automatically for you. Take a look at the H2 tutorial in order to find out more (e.g. server mode etc).


Tom Chiverton said...

Why is H2 better than the Derby database built into Adobe's CF server ?

Hansjoerg said...

I started playing around while using the latest version of Railo (railo is bundled with H2) and it worked pretty well so I decided to use it on ColdFusion as well, so no special preference is involved.

jackob said...

Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!
Thank You
ColdFusion Developer

raj said...

This is good stuff.

However I couldn't achieve the results using cold-fusion and h2 database.
1. I used the driver with this string "jdbc:h2:file:C:\mydb;MODE=MSSQLServer", I was able to connect and dump anything from information_schema but could not connect to user defined tables. The error message was Table not found.
2. Simply I was unable to connect using the following string
Error Msg: "90067-146"

Raj Sankar

Wim said...

I'm having trouble using H2 BLOBS in ColdFusion. Whenever I do a select which should return a BLOB, I get a "file not found" error.

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